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Quality small group childcare

Small group childcare in a nurturing, natural and flexible home-based learning environment

 Small groups allow your child to develop close relationships
 Maximum four children at any one time
 Homely environment with flexible hours and routines
 Education and care tailored to your child’s development
 Childcare available throughout New Zealand

Home-based childcare for your family

With so many childcare options available it is a daunting task to pick the best option for your family, but home-based childcare is a growing sector that is becoming increasingly popular, especially for younger children.

In-home childcare is a flexible option that allows you to have more say in who looks after your child and in the hours you enrol for. With small groups of children, home-based childcare also enables a close and trusting relationship to grow between your child and their Educator, fostering strong emotional development and attachment.

Education Angels offers high-quality home-based childcare and education throughout New Zealand, for both part-time and full-time primary care options. Your family will be matched to a home-based Educator that suits your needs so you can enjoy peace of mind that your child will be happy, stimulated and well looked after.


Education Angels home-based childcare offers many benefits for children:

  • Your child’s individual interests and strengths can be closely followed based on small group sizes.
  • Your child is able to build a secure attachment with one person based on the 1:4 ratio.
  • Your child’s usual home routine can be followed, such as their sleep and meal times.
  • There is a greater flexibility in the hours of care to help accommodate your needs – this may be particularly helpful for shift workers or people with particularly early or late starts.
  • In home childcare works well for mixed-aged families, as your baby and four-year-old child can be cared for together. Also, if you have an under five and an over five your caregiver could care for your school-aged child too after school.
  • Learning is catered to your child’s needs due to the small group ratios, rather than trying to meet the needs of a large group of children.
  • Your child can enjoy everyday childhood experiences like going out for spontaneous walks and outings, baking, collecting the mail, hanging out w ashing etc.
  • Your little one is able to socialise and interact with the community and go to swimming lessons, music groups, playgroups or sports during the week.
  • You can choose an Educator that speaks your home language to your child or is of your own faith to follow on with your beliefs.

With home based childcare, a family member or friend can be supported to care for your child

One of the great benefits of home-based care is that someone currently caring for your child in an informal way could have the chance to care for them with the added support of qualified teachers and learning resources.

While our team can match you to one of our home-based Educators, if you already have the perfect carer for your child, for example, a grandparent or a trusted family friend, but would like to formalise the arrangement, Education Angels can help.

Education Angels offers support and guidance to your chosen in home Educator supporting your child’s learning and development.

You are still eligible for subsidies such as the Work and Income childcare subsidy, even if the caregiver is related to the child as long as they are not the child’s parent or legal guardian.

If you would like to find out more about working with a family member or friend for your child’s care, please contact us. Alternatively, see if Education Angels would be a good fit to provide home-based childcare to your family. Our team covers the whole of New Zealand.

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