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Palmerston North Forest School

Forest School

Palmerston North Forest School

Palmerston North Forest School, more than just a day spent outdoors

Our tamariki and whānau at Palmerston North enjoyed a great session of our free Forest School at Ahimate Park. The little ones just can’t wait to explore the great outdoors, and just generally have a good time interacting with nature. Our forest school session operates under the guiding principle of Te Whāriki Learning Objectives of Nature Play- Taiao, where children gain an understanding of both their own environment and the wider environment.

But why do parents love our forest school sessions and how does it benefit their children?

Several research conducted in the UK suggests that forest school sessions have a holistic and multi-faceted impact on the overall being among young children. Aside from developing their physical and emotional well-being of children, here are some of the notable differences that children can benefit from while being engaged in forest school sessions;

Top benefits:

  1. Confidence: children build autonomy and whilst enjoying the time and space to explore the surroundings around them.
  2. Knowledge and awareness: As children engaged in outdoor plays, they become more interested in their surroundings and gain respect for the environment around them.
  3. Build Social skills: As children play and interact with other children in their playgroup, they develop increased awareness of the consequences of their actions towards their peers.
  4. Motivation: Nothing excites children more than the thought of being outside, especially in the woodlands. Children develop more interest and the ability to concentrate over longer periods of time.
  5. Physical and Sensory-motor Skills: Children play hard outdoors, thus boosting their stamina and sensory-motor skills even further.

Does this kind of activity excite your children? Let us know so you can join us in our next free playgroup sessions or check out our Facebook Page so you’ll know what exciting activities we have in store for your region.

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