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Introducing Cara

Home Educator – Palmerston North
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Hi, my name is Cara and I have been a home-based Educator since 1994. I do this job because I love children and enjoy helping them reach their milestones, grow into confident and competent individuals in learning through their many play experiences. I love providing quality childcare for your children in Palmerston North

I live in the Milson area. I have a three-bedroom home with a spacious outdoor area for the children to play in. Children have a playroom where they can have lots of fun and a separate area for sleeping for the children who need asleep during the day.

There are many opportunities for outside play; I provide toys like bikes, balls, slide, water play and trucks etc. I believe in the children being able to explore the environment around them.

When the weather is not as nice the children enjoy playing in the playroom with puzzles, blocks, cars, and doing craft activities. I also have lots of things to do with fantasy play such as dolls, a dollhouse, toy cooker with a sink and fridge, tea set etc. All of which are regularly swapped with other toys so that children do not get bored with the current toys.

Music is encouraged by the way of musical instruments, nursery rhymes. I also encourage the children to dance and be expressive to the music.

As the children get older I teach them to write their own name. I encourage the learning of numbers, counting and the alphabet to help them prepare for school.

For the younger children, I teach them manipulation skills for puzzles, colours and shapes. Sharing and turn taking with other children is modelled through me and the other children that are in care.

I like to go with what the children are interested in at the time and then provide activities that will encourage learning in a particular area. This will often extend in skills that the children have already developed. Children are never pushed or made to join in an activity if they don’t want to but I do try to encourage participation alongside their peers.

Older children are encouraged to learn self-care skills by taking responsibility for their belongings. For example, they put their lunch boxes and drink bottles on the bench in the morning and then back into their bags at the end of the day.

Children are constantly revisiting previous skills learning through their play which often extends on previous learning.

As an educator I like to involve the children in the nature around them and so on nice days we go for walks around the neighbourhood, often stopping at the local park.

As part of their outings, we go to playgroups, visit other educators’ homes, supermarket, esplanade, forest school.

Activities that I offer: 
  • Outdoor play
  • Puzzles
  • Colours and shapes
  • Imaginative Play
  • Craft Activities
  • Music and dance activities

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