Making a difference for our Essential Worker’s Families During Lockdown

Our heart goes out to everyone who is affected by this global pandemic. Whether you’re an Essential Worker or someone staying safely isolated at home, uncertain times like this can truly leave us feeling vulnerable. We’re moving on to brighter days ahead. However, we still have a lot to work on to get things back to the way it was, especially for our children.

As an approved Essential Care Provider, Education Angel steps up in providing the best child care for our Essential families whilst opening doors for other families to sustain themselves financially during this lockdown period. 

We are all heroes in our own little ways. And we can be heroes for someone else’s child during these trying times. Want to know how you can make an impact in a child’s life? Join us now and become a part of our team of excellent nannies and educators. 

Together, we can beat this pandemic one family at a time.


Does this kind of activity excite your children? Let us know so you can join us in our next free playgroup sessions or check out our Facebook Page so you’ll know what exciting activities we have in store for your region.

About Education Angels

Education Angels are proud to be a leading provider of home-based childcare and early education across New Zealand. Our aim is to find the most suitable Educator for parents/guardians and their children and to provide a safe, caring and nurturing learning environment for children aged 0-5 years.

To find out more about our home-based childcare service, or to connect with an Educator in your area, please contact our friendly team.