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How to Build Resilience and Empathy in your Child


How to Build Resilience and Empathy in your Child

Starting school is a huge milestone. It can be very stressful for both parents and for children. Some common concerns from parents are will our children make friends or not? That’s a big worry for parents. Will they be bullied? Will they be unhappy or happy? Are they going to really measure up to the expectations of school? We parents worry about our child’s behaviour. We want them to be popular we want them to be liked and we want them to be sociable and popular in school. These are very real concerns for parents then after this, the pressure from well-meaning other adults as well.

Often adults compare children and we can all be guilty of this. We can believe that being able to read early is a sign of intelligence and put a lot of pressure like peer pressure on each other. All these crazy things that we hear other parents talking about that can actually put a lot of pressure on individuals and boasting about other child’s achievements too. We can often feel when we hear all of this that is my child meeting the development developmental milestones. Are they doing as well they should as they should be? All of us want the best for our child and all of us want our children to do well. It’s understandable that we can worry about these things and I’m hoping that through this webinar, we can alleviate a lot of those worries at the same time by giving you some really great tips and tricks and strategies on how to prepare your child for school.

Samantha Tadena

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