Your Educator Genius Profile

Your Educator Genius

Find out about the different Educator profiles

Education Angels uses a unique profiling technique to match families and home-based Educators.

We use four Educator types to describe our Educators. Our unique profiling technique helps families find their perfect match.

By carefully matching families with suitable Educators, we help foster communication, clear expectations and healthy parent, child and Educator relationships.

Educator Genius profiles:



Dynamo Educators are fun, creative and positive. They have a dynamic teaching style, offering a variety of different learning experiences in a busy environment. Although Dynamo educators can sometimes miss the detail they see the big picture and focus on the long-term benefits of the experiences they offer for a child’s learning and development.


Tempo Educators are caring and sensitive and in tune with the needs of the child. They operate ‘in the moment’ where nothing is rushed and everything is achieved at your child’s pace. With Tempo educators the pace is slow and they like to plan experiences and have a rhythm and routine.


Steel Educators are sensitive, reserved and analytical. This profile creates a calm and structured environment for children to thrive. They set clear boundaries and expectations and consistently support children in their understanding these boundaries. Not interested in small talk Steel Educators understand the importance of detail and are well organised and methodical in their teaching approach.


Blaze Educators are fun, engaging and naturally sociable, although not strong on detail and paperwork they are great at supporting a child’s social and emotional development. With a Blaze Educator, there will be many opportunities for a child to learn with and alongside their peers, trips and outings, playgroup visits and friends to play with.