Introducing Dakota

Home Educator – Blenheim area
To find out more about my availability, please contact Jacinda:

Freephone 0508 264 357
Email support@educationangels.co.nz

Hi, my name is Dakota Jones, I have two beautiful boys aged eight and one years old. I am very creative, caring and enjoy helping children to grow into their full potential. Family and friends are very important to me.

I understand leaving your child with someone new can be hard at first. I believe that children need lots of one on one time, just like being at home. This is why, I became an in-home educator. Children that are in a comfortable uncrowded environment get to develop and learn at a steady pace with all the help they need.

My aim is to provide children with a caring and positive environment that encourages individuality, cooperation, creativity, imagination, contribution and wellbeing. I allow each child to feel a sense of belonging which ensures a safe environment for every child. I am keen on encouraging children to become independent.

The children in my care enjoy fun activities like painting, playdough, dress ups, puzzles books and water play. Music to dance and sing to is always on hand. I also may be able to provide transport to and from home/kindy sessions if necessary. I am very flexible and can work in with you to suit your needs.

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