Introducing Carol

Home Educator – Whitby, Wellington
To find out more about my availability, please contact Summer:

    Freephone 0508 264 357

      Phone  027 5866 714

Hi, I’m Carol. After 34 years in childhood care, I have pretty well done it all. However, you are never too old to learn, and young children never seize to surprise me.  I love watching children grow and offering them the day to day experiences to make them into confident fun-loving adults.

I devote as much time as possible to my long-awaited granddaughter. I Also enjoy walking, reading, watching good TV and keeping up with the Worlds news.

I offer a safe and warm loving home environment, where children are treated as though they are family.

Some of the activities I offer:
  • visits to local playgroups including Mainly Music
  • outings to the local parks
  • reading books to my children
  • songs and music
  • outings to the shops as required
  • drawing and colouring activities
  • fun outdoor environment for children to explore

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