Introducing Angela

Home Educator – Willhart Court, Feilding
To find out more about my availability, please contact:

    Freephone 0508 264 357

    Mobile 027 616 0246

I have just started with Education Angels but I have a lot of experience working with children, including diverse learning needs as well as my own three daughters who are at high school now. I love being an educator for Education Angels and having the children come into my home to a nurturing, loving and stimulating environment where they can feel safe and have fun learning with their friends.

I find it so rewarding to see a smile on a child’s face and to be able to teach them new skills.

I will provide your child/children a nurturing, loving and caring environment that is safe for playing and exploring while they learn new skills.  I have a play room where children have lots of different educational activities that encourage new learning through play and children are encouraged to dance and be expressive through Music and by using musical instruments.

I have a magical backyard for children to explore and have fun in.  I help children learn their colours, shapes, basic maths and literacy skills and social skills with their peers. The children in my care are encouraged to make choices of what they would like to do in our monthly programme; which is flexible and usually based on the child’s interests.

While children are in care they have rules, boundaries, and everyday routines like meal time, sleep, mat times and outings in the community.  We go for walks, visit gardens and visit parks.  I attend Music, playgroups and activities at the library.

So if this sounds like the type of learning environment you would like you child to attend them please give me a call.

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