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Music Sessions During Lock-down Period

Music and Movement with Laura

Music Sessions During Lock-down Period

Music Sessions During Lock-down Period: Sending Love and Positivity to everyone inside.

It has been almost a month since schools and parks are closed down. Children are stuck inside and isolated from their friends and teachers. And with that, comes a daunting apprehension that parents face to keep their children entertained. Nothing should ever stop us from making our children happy, engaged and active during the isolation period. What’s one great way to do it? Music is the way to go to lift your children’s spirits up. Fortunately, our Music and Movement Sessions are still ongoing despite the physical limitations.

Our lovely educator, Laura goes out of her way to deliver fun and lively music and movements sessions every week. This is for all the children who are stuck inside their homes. Sing, dance and have fun with Laura and her tamariki every week to shake off the stress. This will surely get rid of the blues out of your children. It’s a therapeutic way to keep your children’s energy going and their creative juices flowing especially during these difficult times.

Music indeed really helps us and our children get through this isolation period, and maintain our physical and mental well-being as well.

Wonder which songs and dance numbers will be featured next week? Stay tuned as Laura delivers another fun music and movement video session for your children next week!

Does this kind of activity excite your children? Let us know so you can join us in our next free playgroup sessions or check out our Facebook Page so you’ll know what exciting activities we have in store for your region.

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